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Sister, I know what it feels like when tears come out of nowhere. It’s like your body just takes over, even when your mind and heart isn’t feeling sad or hurt. The other day, it happened to me. At first, I was confused – where was this coming from?

I wasn’t sobbing, doing the ugly cry or anything, it’s just the tears kept gently streaming and I couldn’t figure out why. But then, a gentle voice whispered inside, “Relax, let your body do its healing work.” I’ve learned to trust that that voice is the Universal spirit of our ancestors, speaking through me.

What happened next was a such a revelation. As the tears flowed, my lower back muscles – muscles I didn’t even know were tight – started to loosen. Something shifted in my spine.

That’s when it hit me: our bodies hold onto so much, not just emotions, but echoes of our ancestors’ struggles and triumphs. Sometimes, a good cry is the only way to release what words can’t express.

Afterward, I wondered, how long had I been carrying this tension? Where did it come from? Our bodies hold wisdom. They store our history and guide us toward healing. The saying “tears cleanse the soul” is more than just a metaphor; it’s how our bodies reset. Sometimes, the deepest healing comes when we let ourselves cry, not just for the feelings, but for the messages our bodies hold.

Black women, we’ve been taught to be strong and silent with the expectations of resilience. But our bodies speak a language all their own, a language woven from the experiences of all the powerful women who came before us. Crying, which some may see as weak, is how our bodies reclaim their power. It’s releasing the past, so we can rise with fresh energy.

The world moves fast, and it can try to force us to ignore what’s happening deep inside. Ignoring our bodies means denying ourselves a path to true strength and healing. Embodiment is about tuning in, about feeling those tears, those tense muscles, and letting them guide us.

So the next time you feel those tears welling up, sister, don’t hold back. Release them. They’re not just water; they carry your history, your spirit, and the key to feeling strong in your own beautiful body. Trust the wisdom your body holds. Cry, and let the healing begin.

Have you ever experienced this kind of release through tears? Share your stories and reflections in the comments below.

Let’s uplift each other as we learn to listen to our bodies.

Wildly Nourished Hugs,


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