Hi there, fellow magic-maker!

Ever have one of those days where the hustle and bustle of life dims that inner sparkle? You know, that special something that makes you, YOU? Well, today I’m dropping into your inbox today to share how you can ditch that blah feeling and reigniting your radiant light with a few exercises, so tap all the way in and keep reading.

Let’s be real, sometimes we all forget how extraordinary we are. Those bills, those deadlines, those endless to-do lists…they try to steal our joy. But guess what? That little voice inside whispering ‘there’s something more’? It’s right! Reclaiming your magic is the key to a life overflowing with purpose and pure vibrancy.

So how do we tap back into that magic? It starts with a big ol’ hug for the real you! The quirky, the passionate, the beautifully imperfect parts that make you a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Society might tell you to tuck those away, but those are the bits that make your light shine bright!

Okay, truth time: I know this isn’t always a walk in the park. It takes guts to own your awesomeness! But you know what? The world NEEDS your unique magic. Your passions, those things that make your heart sing, they hold the key to living with a sparkle in your eyes and fire in your belly.

Simone, if life for you feels like it’s gotten off track, don’t worry! I got something juicy for you below.

These curiosity prompts could be just the thing to help you find your north star again:

  • Prompt 1: Think back to your childhood. What activities made you lose track of time? What made your heart sing? Maybe there’s a spark there just waiting to be reignited!
  • Prompt 2: Ask those who know you best: “What makes me light up?” Sometimes the things we don’t notice in ourselves shine bright to others!
  • Prompt 3: If you could give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be? This can reveal a lot about what your inner voice craves and values most.

These prompts offer a chance to pause and dig deep. It might take some soul-searching, some quiet moments to listen to what truly lights you up. But I promise, it’s the most incredible adventure. When you start living aligned with your true magic, watch out! You unlock something contagious, inspiring others to do the same. You become this unstoppable force of good, illuminating the way for those looking for their own spark.

Simone, this is why it’s your duty to make your magic shine! Embrace it, own it, let it lead you toward the radiant life you were meant to live. The world can’t wait to see how bright you burn!

Remember, magic isn’t about fairy dust, it’s about embracing your authentic self, reviving your imagination and making your passions your compass.

Until we chat again, keep spreading those sparks of joy and living your most magical life!

Wildly Nourished Hugs,

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